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Leak-proof Silicone Straw Cup Cover

Leak-proof Silicone Straw Cup Cover

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The Leak-proof Silicone Straw Cup Cover is a revolutionary accessory designed to ensure convenience and cleanliness during your baby's drinking experience.

🌀 Shape: Designed in a conical shape to effortlessly fit over a variety of cups, ensuring a secure and leakproof seal.
📏 Diameter Specification: Tailored to accommodate cups with a small diameter, ensuring compatibility with most baby cups.
🚫 Handle: Crafted without a handle for easy gripping and portability.
🛡️ Material: Constructed from premium silicone, this cup cover is safe, durable, and effortlessly cleanable, guaranteeing prolonged use.
🦆 Product Category: Specifically engineered as a duckbill cup cover, ideal for babies and toddlers transitioning to independent drinking.
👶 Applicable Age: Suitable for babies and toddlers aged 3 months and above, making it an indispensable accessory for early childhood development.

Packing List:
🎁 Silicone cup lid: Each pack includes one silicone cup lid, providing an instant solution for leak-proof drinking on the go.

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